Mark Chandos

      Mark Chandos

Favorite Quotes

I knew the moon was hollow.
I kept the secret. How did I know this?
This question is germane.
How do I know a charismatic force?

Come forward. I know you are a god.

(Cheda follows behind Antebbe, making a steam from
a hose out of which the form of Antebbe appears.)

The Genesis of Chandos Ring

Why this book now? Chandos Ring appears at the high watermark of American influence in the world. Any culture that comes in contact with American popular culture is forever transformed. American music, fashion, technology, and political ideas instantaneously disintegrate the indigenous culture that makes contact with us. For good or ill, our influence is unmistakable and unstoppable. China, India, Japan, Russia, and Brazil shamelessly reproduce all the signature elements of Western Civilization. Chandos Ring merely appears at the nexus of our unprecedented hegemony of influence.

To be modern, to even attempt to compete with the West, all foreign powers must now learn Western Language. To learn genetics, for example, even this small sector of western specialty, China and India must learn Greek, Latin, and English. The word mitochondrion comes from the Greek, μιτος or mitos, thread + χονδριον or chondrion, granule. The same, and unavoidable, threads of Western language is found in Atomic theory, quantum mechanics, physics, chemistry, aviation, etc — the galaxy has already been named with Greek, English, and Latin tags. We don't learn Chinese, Russian or Hindu to learn modern sciences. Instead, we learn exclusively Western languages — because the modern world is a Western creation. To be modern is to be forced to be Greek, Roman, and American (English). The Western virus enters with the linguistic DNA. It is just that serious. So there needs to be a book that verifies our linguistic achievement. Only a poem that unites all these achievements of influence is found lacking in modern Western hegemony.

Chandos Ring verifies the thesis that language is the only source of Human reality. It is easy to convince poets that linguistics is the source of Being. It is easy to convince the faithful that the phenomena of world we recognize as reality is a language based reality — prayer, faith and belief is a language based form of sentient perception of reality. But my philosophy, embodied in Story Theory, attempts to show secular materialists (scientists) that linguistics is crucial to all forms of civilization. There is no technological or scientific advance — no engineering, no genetics, no physics, no cosmology — that is not directly connected to linguistic development. In Story Theory, language is the human "House of Being." The realization of any high civilization — from the Epics of ancient Sumer to the Apollo moon landing — is directly proportional to a high cultural linguistic achievement.

Chandos Grid illustrates this central position of poetry in the human achievement — since poetry is the highest form of language in our civilization. This is as much to say that our linguistic achievement directly determines our achievement in genetics, space exploration, social engineering, military strength, or even human reproduction. Yet there is still no national epic poem that synthesizes our linguistic and cultural achievement. Chandos Ring corrects the misunderstanding of materialist civilization — and clearly presents the argument that poetry — as the evidence of our highest linguistic achievement — is central to any cultural or scientific progress. Science has verified my work in so far as the highest concepts of modern science is phrased in poetic terms — as String Theory, the Event Horizon, Black Holes, quarks, quantum mechanics, etc. Each of these theoretical (and un provable) concepts are forms of poetry — not materialistic science.

Chandos Ring — intentionally — reflects the same themes that America represents. America is the first nation to successfully attempt to become a space faring civilization. It is no surprise then that the poem tells a story of spacemen. America has represented the future for billions of humans for over two centuries. The poem is a story of the future — not a past battle, or a previous wounded morality. America has been the primary market for the Science Fiction Genre. The poem has a science fiction theme. America has been the home of the world—s greatest technological and scientific advances for the last century of the modern era. For the first time in the history of poetry, science is a central actor in America’s most ambitious epic narrative — Chandos Ring. American history represents the tension between luxury or justice, between liberal capitalism or populist socialism, between charismatic secular gods or fundamental religious tradition. Each of these elements are on display in Chandos Ring. The question is not, why this poem now? The question is why has not a poem of this scope already appeared? The world is interested to see what value our civilization may defend against all other forms of competitive linguistic achievement.

Yet the central necessity for my work is the dangerous confusion of the Western genius. The West suffers from a philosophy gap. Secular liberalism, having achieved all its historical goals — unionism, universal medical care, universal unemployment insurance — in fact, the aims of socialism — now is at a crisis. The crisis is due to liberalism’s virulent success — yet it is a success that can no longer be sustained financially or ecologically. Liberalism must now be vigilantly conservative to maintain its 20th century victories — since Western economies can no longer financially support an entitlement culture. European socialism is utterly bankrupt. America is able to stay solvent only because other nations still accept the American dollar as a world currency. It is a false bubble.

American liberalism (both Republican and Democratic Party interpretations), based on unconstrained market, conspicuous consumption, serial pornography, and the arrogance of material science — are forces that are spent, compromised, and can no longer hold a civilization together. They are wounded moralities. At best, industrialized consumption allows proliferation of life until the political and ecological systems of Earth collapse. Liberalism has placed the economy and ecology of Earth into an imminent death spiral.

To face its conservative crisis to maintain recent achievements, victorious liberalism must now advance to totalitarian dominance in order to maintain liberal American ideology. Liberalism must now move to constrain speech, to proscribe all non–western forms of industrial medicine, or any traditional cultures that challenge the linguistic supremacy of scientific hegemony. Liberalism has become an aggressive and racist ideology. It has merely replaced ethnic racism for ideological racism. Liberalism must exterminate all other definitions of what constitutes modern human society. Liberalism must control the linguistic narrative of the human condition. In the modern world, any form of non–liberal ideology is currently targeted and eradicated by Western media, science, and academics. The principle means of liberal racism is to control all linguistic narratives of the human condition. So long as peoples are forced to speak the linguistic codes of Western science, industrial medicine, and imperial consumerism, then liberalism can achieve total linguistic hegemony over the human condition. Linguistic control is that serious. In Story Theory, control of linguistic idiom is control of the human condition. To linguistically define the human organism is to control the human organism.

Any supposed war for freedom and democracy, as always, is actually Western liberalism's final movement to eradicate all other ideological idioms. Totalitarian liberalism has already proscribed alternate narratives in Western media, politics, and academia. The entire world of other is the target. Western liberalism — that is scientific modernism — seeks to eradicate all other form of ideological and cultural life. This representation has never before been depicted in literature. Chandos Ring is the depiction of the final logic of Western ideological liberalism.

The American liberal idiom is in need of new transformation to face its crisis of victory — its victorious creation of the modern world. A smoke screen of propaganda has been established to better facilitate total control of the Earth. The propaganda of liberalism is the lie of tolerance and human rights. First, the central core of Western liberal propaganda, if taken on its face value, only provides, in the end, for an uncritical propagation of life. Since the Earth cannot support unlimited populations, liberalism would only lead to the extinction of the human species. Second, Western liberalism conceals it’s true intention to eradicate all non—modern discourse under the supposition that America wishes to free other nations. As we are an empire possessing 850 bases in other countries — this argument is specious in the extreme. The object of liberalism, in fact, is to homogenize the entire globe according to the linguistic codes and narratives of ideological modernism. What American liberals actually intend is to eradicate all other challenges to modernist discourse. Its linguistic tools are the propaganda of democracy, industrialized medicine, and the hegemonic device of idiomatic science.

It is easy to confirm how we ourselves are invested in modernist propaganda. We need only pause to consider how no western liberal would be willing to negotiate their right to advanced industrial medicines, unconstrained journalism, or daily re–declarations of the faith of science. No Westerner would admit to cultural or religious constraints on men, women, or children. This is ideological arrogance. Needless to say, other cultures have, and always have had, differing religious views of cultural ideation, including radically differing roles of the human and social family. Imperial liberalism ignores the truth of other world systems. The aim of any hegemonic ideology is cultural homogenization. Yet to lure and undermine all non–Western cultures, liberalism must ostensibly show the face of freedom and prosperity. To hide its agenda, liberalism currently preaches propagation of life for the sake of propagation — endlessly. This is no philosophy at all. This is the absence of sentient philosophy.

Equality of consumerism for all is the message of liberalism. To consume freely you are forced to speak a modern idiom, follow the toxicity of scientific hegemony, and accept the educated bias of Western forms of industrial medication. Yet these are the very innovations that will destroy the Earth and all life on Earth. Scientific industrialization has utterly destroyed the ecosystems of life on Earth. Story Theory, the subject of these books, has no faith in a last minute reformation of modernism. No hegemonic ideology ever reforms itself so long as it can maintain its power and arrogance. Modernism must be replaced by a more advanced philosophy that allows the human strain to escape the confines of Earth. Chandos Ring poses the question: Can there be a philosophical advancement beyond the idioms of modern science and medicine?

As liberalism appears (in the public forum) to abhor all forms of cultural, racial, and genetic selection, it also renounces the use of a critical judgment of the final form that life must take. Western liberal theory, therefore, is dangerous since it only gives the impression of being a valid representation of a mature philosophy. Liberalism must remain aggressive, victorious, and hegemonic. The future of liberalism therefore necessitates the totalitarian control of all future discourse of human life and purpose. It merely hides its agenda under the propaganda of freedom, racial tolerance, and modern science. Liberalism seeks homogenization of modernist ideology in human society. Liberalism is the most hegemonic form of totalitarianism that has ever been devised. So far from being benevolent and harmless, liberal ideology intends to eradicate all other cultural idioms merely by making decisive linguistic contact with all other (that is, barbaric) modes of life. Liberalism is the most ruthless and cunning ideology ever devised by the mind of man. As an intellectual virus, it is currently not even resisted.

Chandos Ring represents the crisis of liberalism—s move towards total domination of the human idiom of life.

The Earth cannot sustain endless propagation. The Earth is overcrowded to the point of the extinction of all forms of life. Time is short. What then is our philosophy of the value of life? What is the point of Western life? Why our system of life over any other prejudice? Is our tolerance for pornography superior to the Islamic control of the minds of Eastern humans? Do we even have the ability — the impassioned philosophy — the passionate will — to verify our own prejudice of life against all other challengers? No we do not. Consciousness is selection — not proliferation. So in my work, I present a new construction of human life.

In Chandos Grid, I address a Western society — not yet formed — that will be identified as a genetically improved — and dangerous — space faring civilization. It will not be a peaceful civilization since peace and luxury is what has destroyed every generation of free peoples. Our wealth has made us arrogant and indolent. Our children are not able to continue the struggle — a struggle to verify our superiority over other cultures. They cannot even recall the causes of the impassioned struggle of Western men to break out of the unequal struggle with such cultures as India, Persia, and China beginning in the fifteenth century. They cannot even imagine the passion and struggle exhibited during World War II. Chandos Ring, the poem, insists that the West is only beginning its struggle to break out of our solar system. Yet what god of value — what language of Being will we carry with us?

Why not traditional religion? Christianity, as Hinduism, as Islam, as Judaism, egregiously fails to provide a vision for a new space faring civilization. Each, now represent a wounded morality. All that is left is the wars of religious terror — as each faith takes its turn in its final death throws of fear. Each dying faith has adherents among their fearful reactionary fringes. The rest of us merely learn to disparage all religious instincts. Clearly, these dogmatic faiths no longer express the gravity that binds the forces of great civilizing movements. So what will replace all these horrible, broken, failed dogmas? Only this: The passion and the exaltation of leaving the Earth for new worlds and the discovery new dimensions of Being. This is the Genesis of Chandos Ring.