Mark Chandos has spent his life in contemplation of poetry. His present work is a result of a profound dissatisfaction with current poetic trend. There is no market for modern poetry and there are no poets known to the man on the street. There are no legitimate, authoritative personalities in the Poetry of our time. Poetry, in effect is invisible in the modern world.

Mark Chandos has found the source of our alienation of language. Modern men live under the shadow of a secret and superior language in our culture: the secret language of occult science. By exposure of this subversive language he discovers a means to overcome its debilitating influence on the modern vernacular English. Further, Chandos has identified that story is no longer a means to translate our highest human concepts. The specialized Western sciences do not contain human stories, they contain only specialized words that chase their own tail. Consequently, he has written a philosophy to correct the defective nature of modern Western perception: Story Theory. Story Theory has identified all the alien themes of Western literature - seldom recognized by Western society. The philosophy, though a separate achievement, introduces each of his books of poems. He has written a severe epic poem to unite all his concepts in a story of value and importance, that once again, poses the question: What is man?

All his life has been lived in preparation for the work outlined in his books. Unlike most poets and artist, he has lived as man of the world, and a pilot who has learned deeply in the practical application of science, machinery and technology. As no other living poet, he has lived outside of America and traveled and lived in the desert, acquired languages other than English, and made himself a student of other cultures - all with the goal of seeing the Western world form a fresh perspective. He has identified the western singularity. The West is strange and unknown to itself. He does not limit his theme - as other modern poets have limited their audacity of language. He breaks out.

Mark Chandos does not merely talk about the problems of modern poetry, he corrects modern poetry with his own life's work. He does not merely present a critique of modern poetry, he creates an alternate possibility for future poetry - leading by example. He is the first poet to meet the challenge of technology and science in his poetic language. He is the first American to build an epic poem that tells a world-making story. He is the first American to discover an American idiom that can contain an epic structure without backward looking sentimentality or alien archaisms. He is the first American to project a long poem in the Sci-Fi genre. Any one of these achievements would have been enough for any one book or any one poet. He makes the necessary and difficult leap to a new American language. He audaciously breaks the spell of living under a insecure and inferior vernacular language - a language that has previously failed to create great poetry. He makes American letters a vital force again in world literature.

Hold on. Participate in the most exciting achievement of American letters. It will be a wild ride.